Erigo is an Indonesian developing fashion brand which propose high quality and design in order to support your traveling and daily needs. In Indonesia, Erigo has been one of the best, high quality and reliable clothing line in market. Within the existing portfolio, Erigo tries to compete in international free trade as one of Indonesian brand in world fashion industry.

In November 28th 2010, CEO started this business career in fashion industry by creating a brand named SELECTED AND CO. By the time, the brand renamed as Erigo in June 2013 with new and fresh concept. Erigo brand iniciated their premium products by producing casual Batik which propose casual and exclusive style. 

Along with the growth of Erigo’s name, CEO did a big business manouver by rebranding Erigo into street style and traveling concept. It was proved in September 15th, 2014 when Erigo released their first collection called “Reflective” which taking Erigo into next level of successness.

In this following year, Erigo had achieved the target to bring Nation Series concept which adapted from Asia, America and Europe. Nowadays, Erigo brand will always develop with more inovative and creative concepts.

Erigo is an apparel brand focused on men’s and women’s clothing products. Erigo tries to present products for youth who want to look trendy, semi-formal, casual and convenience.